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We are a Consulting & Coaching Company specialized in inclusive transformation.

Mim_more is more is a consulting and coaching company dedicated to "the whole is more than the sum of its parts". Giving Diversity a high priority means to achieve sustainable and better results. If women and men lead together, a inner complexity can emerge, enabling added value for all stakeholders. Gender-balance leadership opens up new dimensions of economic and social competence.



Maternity in Business

Maternity in Business

Pregnancy is a crucial turning point in female careers. For this existential transformation phase we offer a specifically developed Executive Coaching - based on the MiB Map. Other parts of these complex approach are: Leadership development and development of network structures, starting from Alumni Programs to specific workshops. Often during the coaching process three roles are focused on: leader | manager, mother, woman. Obviously we also offer Paternity Coaching for fathers.

Maternity in Business


Develop inclusive Business

Develop inclusive Business

Pionieering Inclusive Organizations“ is our offer to transform your organisation, culture and leadership. It is not sufficient to just increase the numbers of women in leadership positions. Frequently, there is a lack of awareness of the differences between male and female leadership. This has to be addressed to add value in a inclusive organizational culture. For this we offer a variety of assessments, approaches, and innovative formats.


Females in Business

Females in Business

Gender stereotype, unconscious bias, likeability bias, to name just a few phenomena female leaders face in organizations. Therefore we offer for all women in your organisation Executive Coachings as well as systemic female leadership development, starting from GenY to Top Management. Moreover we design costum-made organisational development architectures to develop communities and network structures.


Generation Y in Business

Generation Y in Business

Our offers for the development of Generation Y in inclusive organizations: research results of our GenY-study have shown, that young women tend to assume less leadership responsibility than their male colleagues. The reason for that can be found in a multifactorial avoidance behavior. The vast majority of women are unaware of this phenomenon. GenY women and men want to be led differently, and lead differently themselves compared to other generations. Our offers for this change process are custom-made formats with scientifically-based methods.


We accompany you with a team of experts offering our expertise for your added value. We provide our services not only to profit organizations but also to all initiatives having the goal to increase the number of females in leadership positions. Our team is as diverse as our approach is - "pioneering inclusive organisations": Different career paths and innovative approaches allow us a reflective perspective.

Jodie Goulden

Jodie Goulden

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Our references stand for our multidisciplinary expertise.

Brandi Marie Caruso

Director of International Corporate Tax, Deloitte

"I don‘t know how I would have made it through that time without the maternity coach."

How Maternity Coaching enables to successfully manage the challenges and transformation of Maternity in Business.


We coorperate with highly diverse and innovative organizations.