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Let’s Change the Game

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Our heart beats for impact

Impact means to introduce change and therefore transformation at different levels and junctions in a company, directed to both gender, men and women. In cooperation with our costumers we are developing custom-made solutions. Therefore we offer a co-created and tailor-made process. One angle could be: In order to keep leaders/mothers in the company, we […]

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Change needs change

The economy and the world of work is in a truly massive upheaval. A comprehensive cultural- und societal change will pose major challenges to organisations. Only those who are able to transform traditional homogenous and patriarchal structures may win high innovation power, multi-perspectivity and resilience. Our present networked world needs systems, in which complex leadership and diverse […]

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Gender-Diversity is the most effective change factor resulting in the transformation of organisation-, leadership-, and HR-development. It is not enough to enhance the number of women at senior levels (recruiting, retention, promotion). Instead, what it requires is a company-wide change of awareness and leadership, thus enabling a sustainable cultural change. To become and be a mother is often contrary to […]

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… then companies are dialogue-oriented & team-based, participatory & multiperspective in their decision-making, produce democratic relationships, develop their subordinates, and delegate responsibilities. … then companies are more sustainably successful, innovative, collectively intelligent, resilient, diverse, social responsible, ethical, multi-perspectival and socially more attractive. …. then leadership structures have more female shaping […]

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